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CPU xmr silent miner builder – premium crypto tool

(8 customer reviews)

£ 50.00

Monero silent miner. It is coded in .NET using RunPE to ensure miner being loaded into memory without file drops.

This miner is paid, we charge a little fee to cover the time coding this has cost. Thanks for understanding.

Whats is a silent miner?
Silent miner is a tool to let you silently mining cryptocurrency on someone’s pc in the background, the many pc you infected, the higher your profit.

What is Monero? Does the miner work with other cryptocurrencies like LTC, BTC, etc.?
You can find out more about Monero here:
Monero silent miner only works with cryptonight algorithm coins. So no, it does not work with LTC, BTC, etc. Don’t worry about this, since currently, the most profitable coin to mine with CPU is Monero.

Is CPU mining still profitable?
CPU mining is a bad idea for most cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, you can still make money CPU mining Monero. Why? The reason is that there are no ASICs mining Monero and GPU mining offers little advantage over CPU mining compared to other cryptocurrencies.

What mining engine do you use?
xmrig’s miner. To create the silent miner, 32 and 64bit binaries were compiled from source (static builds, no dlls needed). Both binaries (32 and 64bit) are packed in the 720kb silent miner!
Please note the mining engines never touch disk, everything is done in memory.

Is the miner detected by antivirus?
Yes. To reduce detections you have to crypt the file.

Profitability calculation:
[Updated December 01 2018] For miner running in 100 clients, with an average of 30 H/s per client, that is 3000 H/s or 3 kH/s. For this example, I use the profitability calculator in (current network hash rate is 242 MH/s). 3 kH/s gives you $6.55 USD per day at the current exchange rate.

8 reviews for CPU xmr silent miner builder – premium crypto tool

  1. Khayum

    It’s working in 2023??

  2. Nuel

    Please how do I use this software?

    • Admin (verified owner)

      You will get a tutorial guide with it.

  3. tat

    how much it’s gain daily sir

  4. Janet

    Please how to encrypt the file in order to not be detected by antivirus ? Does it still working and profitable now (December 2020)? Thank you sir.

  5. Terry Warrick

    Still working?

    • Admin (verified owner)

      Yes, it’s working.

  6. Stanely

    cool and working fine, thanks guys

  7. sabug (verified owner)

    Can i get the source code?

    • Admin

      Sorry the source code is not for sale.

  8. ryan (verified owner)


    • Admin

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