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Deepdotmy original: Path to become a real hacker – Guide

(32 customer reviews)

£ 20.00

A complete guide to become a professional hacker

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This is a comprehensive guide written by Natalie Adams, co-founder of deepdotmy, to help you learn the way to become a real hacker. You will find all the essential tools and knowledge one must learn to become efficient and skilled at penetration testing.

32 reviews for Deepdotmy original: Path to become a real hacker – Guide

  1. Johnny Arc

    Thanks! i saw someone shared this on facebook, this is an amazing guide!

  2. mrdoctor

    Thanks for the guide guys good job

  3. cannot compute

    Thanks in advance, downloading now

  4. Jamieeee

    Good share, thank you so muchc

  5. mobius1233

    Good material, you should add a email notification system, when you have new guide will email all reader, i dont like keep coming back to check for new guide

  6. Kobevegan


  7. jonathanwall222

    Nice guide, you just got yourself a permanent reader

  8. kozik

    You didnt include where to download everything i need

  9. Obscures

    lol, more like path to jail

  10. Harim Naiim

    please make video book, my english not very good

  11. Michel0900

    pricebellyus, i think they both wrote it, not sure about it

  12. pricebellyus

    So who wrote this? Natalie adams or james tanner?

  13. SYRLA

    Thanks for the share

  14. Fluffy

    For education purpose only lol

  15. Trillium

    Good guide, but need more pictures

  16. Toxiic

    Nice guide, i hope you can write more, i will read

  17. shadowxxx

    Very detailed, at least now i know where to start

  18. potents

    I love you, thanks

  19. TheBlueOwl

    I dont think they reply to this product review, but thanks anyway, share more haha

  20. Sex Goblin


  21. LoveJesus

    Book like this will make even more criminal, we have enough criminal in this world

  22. LordCoder

    Good stuff, but you cant be a real hacker if you are not good at coding.

  23. H1P3R

    We need more guide like this lol

  24. Specs

    Thanks man, been looking for this

  25. digighost

    This guide is only for noob, for a pro hacker like me need better book

  26. Threatable

    LMAO, step 1: think a kickass hacker name. step 2: change your facebook profile picture to v for vendetta. I enjoy reading your guide

  27. ShortVRX

    Thanks for the share

  28. Mr.K1P55

    Im going to download it, big thanks from Germany

  29. deneme

    great ebook, in my opinion, hacker should know how to code

  30. D3mon

    Thank you in adavance

  31. tonyhaxor

    Make it video tutorial and you will worth my 5 stars

  32. cyberprotector

    Thanks! really great tutorial

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